LAUGFS Cured On is the newest edition which LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber) has recently added to its product portfolio. Superior specially designed rubber compound moulded on to the wheel casings, forming an integral wheel assembly that is fitted directly to the equipment. Ideal trouble wheel solution for scissor lifts and other ground handling applications.

LAUGFS CURED ON tires are made in lug design – XT pattern and also in premium ULTIMA pattern. And also available in smooth tread and ribbed pattern with excellent rolling behaviour and fuel/energy saving, with minimum wear. LAUGFS Cured On tires come with mainly five sizes as below.

 Available sizes

  1. 15 x 5 ULTIMA Tread Pattern/ XT Tread Pattern
  2. 16 x 5 Ribbed Tread Pattern
  3. 12 x 4 Smooth Tread Pattern
  4. 12 x 4.5 XT Tread Pattern
  5. 10 x 3 Ribbed Tread Pattern