20.5-25 LAUGFS Loader Tire – Super Solids

LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber)Limited strengthens its Super Solids tire line up with a new multi-purpose loader tire for severe environmental conditions.

20.5 – 25 loader grip tire is the newest member of the LAUGFS Super Solids category and is the largest size tire to be produced in Sri Lanka. Even only very few companies globally make such size, which demonstrates the technical superiority of Laugfs rubber.

20.5 – 25 is designed for extreme applications in the scrap yards, glassworks, dumping sites, wastes sites, and loading fields. It has high loading capability as required for loader trucks and other industrials applications and is resistant to cuts, chunking and chipping on hard off the road terrains.

With self- cleaning wide lug tread pattern and aperture sidewalls, it provides excellent traction and grip with long wear life and makes it ideal for loader/grader applications. The robust design complemented by superior compounds and construction offers outstanding performance with Zero maintenance.

 It is available in Smooth tread too for specific applications. And also available with the wheel as an assembly.