LAUGFS Rubber Named Great Place to Work

LAUGFS Rubber, a renowned manufacturer of industrial solid tyres, proudly announces its certification as a “Great Place to Work®” in Sri Lanka. This accolade underscores LAUGFS Rubber’s unwavering commitment to fostering an exceptional employee experience, as reflected in the overwhelmingly positive responses from 95% of its workforce.

The Great Place to Work® Certification stands as a testament to LAUGFS Rubber’s dedication to creating a work environment that inspires and supports its employees. This certification is awarded following a meticulous process, which involves an in-depth employee survey and the completion of a comprehensive workforce questionnaire. In a landscape where employees’ voices and opinions hold immense value, LAUGFS Rubber’s certification provides a reliable indicator of the company’s nurturing culture. The scores are determined through a combination of direct employee feedback and independent analysis, ensuring the certification is a true reflection of the company’s ethos.

Commenting on the recent accolade, Chief Executive Officer LAUGFS (Corporation) Rubber Ltd, Mr. Chinthaka Wegapitiya, stated: “We are honoured to receive the ‘Great Place to Work®‘ Certification, which affirms our steadfast commitment to providing an exceptional workplace for our valued employees. This recognition reinforces our belief that a thriving and content workforce is at the heart of a successful organisation.”

With the Great Place to Work® Certification in hand, LAUGFS Rubber stands out as an employer of choice in the competitive job market, attracting talent that seeks an enriching and fulfilling work environment. LAUGFS Rubber remains dedicated to the continuous enhancement of its employee experience, ensuring that every team member feels supported, valued, and motivated to contribute their best to the organisation’s success. As a fully owned subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings Limited, LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber) Limited has been manufacturing industrial solid tyres since 2008. With a presence in 35 countries across five continents, the company has earned the ISO 14001:2015 certification for its exemplary environmental management system and processes. Its product portfolio, trusted by numerous original heavy equipment manufacturers (OEMs), includes press-on band (POB) tyres and resilient tyres customized to meet specific client needs. Additionally, the company produces skid steer tyres renowned for their exceptional durability in construction applications and has also proudly achieved the ISO/TS 14067:2012 Product Carbon Footprint certification.